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My name is Graham Cropley, and I’m a Consultant working for a Microsoft Gold Partner in the UK. Focussing on Microsoft technologies, specialising in Lync and Exchange.

I honestly believe that a specialist is only as good as their generalist background, as a good knowledge of other complimentary technologies is truly key to understanding any single topic in the depth expected. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a varied career, working with small, medium, and large private sector companies, as well as public sector organisations including further and higher education. Personally leading projects in areas such as wired and wireless networking, Linux servers, web technologies, programming / scripting, telephony, and obviously Microsoft products.

I started blogging around June 2013, and I’ve found it thoroughly enjoyable, never short of ideas, but always short of time to finish them. I prefer to write about interesting topics, things that catch my eye, or problems I’ve encountered. I’ve got an aversion to the trend that sees an endless regurgitation of product updates or hotfixes the instant they are released, I realise copy and paste exists, but believe they should be used responsibly. The same goes for the type of ‘how to’ guides that take you on a 35 part journey through every button click, and key press, yet teaches you nothing about the product or how it works. I also think that documentation is an art form, and a skill to be mastered, although that doesn’t mean I find it any-more enjoyable than anybody else does.

I also enjoy photography, although that’s something that I don’t seem to have as much time to spend on as I would like – http://www.flickr.com/photos/gcropley/

I’m a ‘light’ twitter user – https://twitter.com/grahamcropley

Finally, you’ll never see me on Facebook, although LinkedIn feels more and more like it at times – http://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamcropley

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