This is a collection of tools / utilities / plugins / programs that I’ve written, perhaps you’ll find them useful. I will be uploading more when I get chance to tidy them up, or write anything new.

Synchronise Lync Presence with Skype

LinkLyncPresence - Main WindowThis app hooks into the applications’ native API to get presence information from Lync, and set it in Skype. It does not sign in as you, nor go anywhere near your account details at all.

It is designed to work with, and has been tested with Lync 2013 and “Skype for Desktop”.

Full article here – Link Lync Presence

Lync Callback Reminder – Overview

Lync Callback Reminder - Set ReminderIt’s a simple little app with only one purpose, and that is to allow you to generate a callback reminder from within Lync.

It creates an Outlook Task and lets you configure the Reminder on it, the Outlook Task also contains a hyperlink to the contact along with an optional note.

Full article here – Lync Callback Reminder

SIP Pinger Tool – Overview

I knocked up something quick that supports UDP, TCP, and TLS/MTLS SIP Trunks, and emulates a pretty standard SIP OPTIONS Message and listens out for a response.

It also shows you some handy details about the certificate used by the remote party for TLS connections.

Full article here – SIP Pinger Tool

Enable-CsForestUser.ps1 – Overview

This script automates the reading and writing of a bunch of attributes between forests, both for display purposes i.e. address book search, and specifically for the required attributes that let Lync associate the object with the source user.


Full article here – Enable-CsForestUser PowerShell Script

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