Graham Cropley

Working as a Senior Consultant for Skype for Business, Exchange, and Office 365.

Improve Lync Contact Search without Sharepoint

Do you ever get the feeling that searching for users in Lync could be a whole lot easier? A friend pointed out that he couldn’t search for a particular department in a newly deployed Lync Server 2013 environment, yet when he searched with a name, the department information showed up.…

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Popup Demo of Enterprise Voice with Polycom CX

I know the Polycom CX Series (300, 500, 600) have been around a long time, but they still look pretty good by today’s standards. I find it impressive how often I’ve come across these phones deployed, and that they are still requested by clients. A recent project saw the client…

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Lync Certificate Provisioning Service Deeper Dive

Welcome back, this continues on from my previous LyncDiscover and Auto Discovery Deeper Dive article. I would suggest going back and reading that for some background on how we got up to here. But shouldn’t be required to follow this, the topics covered here are widely used across the web…

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LyncDiscover and Auto Discovery Deeper Dive

I’m sure everybody has used Microsoft’s Remote Connectivity Analyzer for Exchange / ActiveSync as well as Lync / OCS. It works by stepping through the discovery and connection process. Very useful, but not very controllable, and it’s only for external use. Some of you may have also come across the…

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