Synchronise Lync Presence with Skype

Do you have both Skype and Lync clients signed in at the same time? I do. I have Lync for work, and Skype for friends and family. Sure, it’s possible to federate between Lync and Skype, but who wants silly chit-chat, and random things said in jest with friends to be archived on your work’s server… That’s what Skype’s for. 🙂

I’m the sort of person that will always answer an IM, even if it’s to say “Sorry, I’m in the middle of something”, usually gets the response “It’s only quick”, and there I go, multitasking again (because there is a particular type of person that sees ‘red’ as just another shade of ‘available’ – “I saw you were busy, but that doesn’t apply to me right?” – anyway, I digress).

It’s difficult to remember to change Skype’s availability every time I go into a meeting, or answer a call.

So I thought, how can I link my Lync presence to Skype.. “Link Lync Presence” was born.

Take a look

LinkLyncPresence - Example

It is designed to work with, and has been tested with Lync 2013 and “Skype for Desktop”.

This app hooks into the applications’ native API to get presence information from Lync, and set it in Skype. It does not sign in as you, nor go anywhere near your account details at all.

How to Install

I wanted to make it as simple as possible, so for the first time, I’ve tried this as a digitally signed ClickOnce application.

And obviously – This Software is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind.

Just click to begin installing LinkLyncPresence, and it should look like this…

LinkLyncPresence - Step 1 - ClickOnce Launching Application



Go to Skype and it will ask you to confirm you know what you’re doing, and if you want to grant access to a new application.

LinkLyncPresence - Allow AccessOnce you click Allow Access, Skype will show you a notice just to let you know what it all means.

LinkLyncPresence - Skype API Note How To Use

This is the main window, not a glorious UI, but it’s as simple as it needs to be.

LinkLyncPresence - Main Window


Start with Windows – when ticked the app will run each time you start windows and log in. When it starts with Windows, it will show for a few seconds to let you know it’s running then automatically minimise to stay out of your way.

Choose what to sync

Presence – Choose to show your Lync presence in Skype, there isn’t an exact equivalent in Skype for each Lync presence state, so here’s a table of what to expect…

Lync Skype Skype Icon Colour
Available Online Green
Busy / Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb Red with white line through
Away / Be Right Back / Off Work Away Yellow

Activity – Choose to show your Lync activity as your Skype ‘mood’ message, for example… In a call, In a meeting, In a conference call, etc.

Location – Choose to show your Lync location in Skype, either appended to your ‘mood’ message, in City, or State/Province on your Skype profile.

Personal Note – Choose to show your Lync personal note / status message in your Skpye ‘mood’ message (along with your activity if both selected).

Close Window – Clicking the cross will minimise the application to the system tray so you don’t accidentally exit by mistake. Just left-click the tray icon, or right-click and choose ‘Open’ to bring the main window back up. Right-click and choose “Exit” to close the app.


Start Up

LinkLyncPresence will show you if it has successfully connected to Lync and Skype by colouring in the icons as below.. when both are connected, it will begin to automatically sync for as long as the app is running.

LinkLyncPresence - Start Up

How to Remove

You can simply use Programs and Features in Control Panel to remove the app like would with any other.


I hope you find this as useful, please feel free to comment and leave feedback!

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About Graham Cropley

Working as a Senior Consultant for Skype for Business, Exchange, and Office 365.


  1. Graham you have transformed my life in just a few hours, no longer will my friends and family have an excuse for barging in on Skype while I am “busy” at work.

  2. Brilliant, will be something to install on a new laptop along with SuperToast.

  3. Awesome Graham!

    I have experienced one issue though:
    Whenever I close down Outlook 2013 (Win 8.1 comp), the plugin crashes.
    Have you gotten any other reports on this?

    • Hi Lasse, I’ve not come across that, and nobody else has mentioned it. There isn’t anything in the app that uses Outlook or any ‘Office’ libraries. Only SKYPE4COM and Lync 2013 SDK. Can you send over anything you get in your event log, such as .NET Exception details etc?

  4. Many thanks for that!

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