Rogue Registrar Configuration Entries

I wanted to quickly share something I noticed recently.

While finishing a multi-site Lync deployment, I ran Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration and saw only 2 out of the 4 pools that were actually in the topology (and Global entry)…

Why did only two pools have an entry and not the other two? Where did they come from? I know I didn’t create them, and they were not automatically created when building or deploying pools otherwise all four should be listed.

… Well, after a bit of head scratching I can answer that now. Pool Failover.

Becuase I had only just deployed the final pool, I had not yet ran any failover testing on the final two pools.


When you failover a pool, part of the process updates the registrar configuration for the pool being failed over.. notice the PoolState : Active in the output above? When the pool is going down the Invoke-CsPoolFailover cmdlet updates the failed pool’s PoolState to be “FailingOver”, and finally when completed it will be set to”FailedOver”.

That cmdlet does spit out quite a lot of information as it goes about it’s business. You’d be forgiven for not spotting this amongst it all…

… and further down …

And suddenly you have a new Registrar Configuration specifically for that Front End. Good to know.

The bit I find annoying comes when you Fail Back the pool, the New-CsRegistrarConfiguration action does not get reversed, it’s just sets it to Active, and the fact that the pool still has it’s own entry becomes a bit pointless.

Obviously, if you failover the pool at a later date, you don’t see it get created, because it already exists.

So what?

The only impact that I can think of, is if you quickly try to change MaxEndpointsPerUser, or any other of those settings, on the Global entry without looking around first, and then wonder why it works for some pools and not others.

You’ve got to admit it’s interesting to know, if not particularly useful.

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